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Meatabolic Cooking Review – 250 Fat Torching Recipes That Boost Up The Fat Burning Process.

Review of the metabolic cooking program

This world is full of delicious foods and people can’t restrain themselves from going to a restaurant having yummy food. Food plays an essential role in people’s lives. People are doing studying to get a good food in future. They are doing the job to feed their family. In short, it is the ultimate goal of an individual’s life. However, it is said that excess of everything is bad, so the same quote could be applied to the eating habit. If an individual is fond of over-eating, then he would definitely suffer later. Gaining weight is far easier than losing it. It needs a determination and motivation to bring back the body mass to a normal level. An obese person would definitely search for the easier tricks to lose weight. However, if he did not find one, then it left him with nothing but a hopeless dark night. This is the reason that many nutritionists are working to banish this evil from the society. The combined effort of many experienced nutritionists results in an efficient cookbook. This cookbook is named as metabolic cooking which involves of such delicious recipes that serve as a booster in losing weight.

About the metabolic cooking program

The metabolic cooking program is basically a comprehensive guide that consists of 9 cookbooks with 250 delicious recipes. It is designed to help people in losing weight and keeping it off for the entire life. This guide does not provide recipes with super low calories instead, keep a balance in the calories. This book has recipes regarding pork, red meat, poultry, seafood, and much more. The volume contains a vegetarian cookbook as well that is actually to people who are vegetarian. Apart from nutritious recipes, this book also includes certain nutritional guidelines and shopping lists which could help in turning the weight down.

About the author

This nutritional guide is written by two authors named as David Ruel and Karen Losier.

  • David Ruel is a nutritionist, bodybuilder, and a fitness coach. He is also the author of another cookbook for weight loss.  Moreover, he has achievements in both nutrition and training, and also won the Heavyweights Classic competition in 2007.
  • Karen Losier is known as The Lean Kitchen Queen because of her love for recipes. She has a background in Psychology with no certification in fitness.

What is mentioned inside the metabolic cooking guide?

The metabolic cooking program is not only a cookbook but it also has certain other things which are listed below:

  • The metabolic cookbook has 250 fat-torching recipes that boost up the fat burning process.
  • The authors of this book have designed a list of fat burning food secrets that most of the fitness experts hide.
  • The authors help people in learning their own plan for weight loss.
  • This book contains 10 nutritional rules that enhance the weight loss process.
  • Certain shopping tricks are mentioned that help in maintaining the budget of a kitchen.
  • It contains a nutrition profile that helps in managing the nutrition intake which in turn, transforms the body into a fat burning machine.metabolic cooking

Pros and cons of metabolic cooking guide

Pros of metabolic cooking guide


  • This book is written in a very simple and understandable language.
  • The most difficult thing for obese people is cutting down their favorite dishes. However, this book did not restrain them from their favorite dishes instead, modify their dishes with certain guidelines


  • It allows people to lose as much weight as they want.
  • This program is extremely economical for people, as it involves ingredients that are cheap and easily accessible in the market.
  • It has a unique profiling system that allows people to lose weight accordingly.
  • This program is available with a money back guarantee, so if an individual is not satisfied with the guide, he would get every penny in return.

Cons of metabolic cooking guide

    • Some of the recipes do not have a final picture and an individual remains in mystery about the final look of that particular recipe.
    • It contains more than 200 recipes that took some time for an individual to sift through all of them and select one that is according to his taste.


  • This book does not explain why these recipes are good for losing weight like it offers a number of protein recipes without explaining its importance in boosting metabolism.
  • It is only available in soft copy and does not provide an alternative for people who are fond of hard copies.
  • Exercise and workout are not mentioned in this guide.


How much metabolic cooking program costs?

The metabolic cooking program is a complete package that consists of fat loss optimizer guide, thermo-charged seasoning guides, metabolic-boosting salad dressings, metabolic quick sheets, and cookbooks. This entire package is available at $47. Though it includes all the essential things which are required for weight loss but if for some reason an individual is not satisfied, then he can return it, as it has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Does the product actually work?

The metabolic cookbook is the ultimate result of a thorough research and this research is done by experienced and professional nutritionists. A large number of people have tried this guide consistently and they have seen improvement in a very limited time. The major crux of getting this book is to make a mind for weight loss and remain consistent with it, and then an individual could see a huge difference in a very short time.


If an individual thinks about losing weight, then the first thing that clicks his mind is to look for the weight loss exercises. People usually find it difficult to do an hour workout for losing weight. The metabolic cooking helps in losing weight through cooking. It includes cooking recipes that are very healthy and delicious in taste. This program is highly recommended for those who want to have a perfect physique throughout the life.metabolic cooking

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